President’s Message

Rotary Club #459 of Rio Vista                            “Serving the Community”


The President’s Message

The negative health, emotional and economic impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic are without recent precedent. As incoming President of the Rotary Club of Rio Vista, my initial focus can best be described by one word, resilience. To recover from the misfortunes thrust upon us by the coronavirus, we, as Rotary and Interact Club Members, must begin the process by reconnecting with each other and resolve to make our presence positively known in our community.

Active participation in our weekly meeting is the first step. With that in mind. until it becomes viable to schedule weekly Guest Speakers, I believe time should be set aside at our regular weekly meetings to share ideas on how we can assist our town and surrounding areas in this time of incredible need.

Obviously, our normal fundraising activities are not going to be available in the foreseeable future, so new directions must be explored. The recent assistance provided by many of our members in the reconditioning of our normal meeting area in The Point Restaurant is an excellent example of this type of creativity.

Once the health risks have diminished, I believe the second step should be to encourage guests to join us for a Friday morning meal. Lively and productive meetings will in turn motivate those in attendance to join Rotary, thus giving us the ability to be more productive in our community.

The third and final step in this process will be the enthusiastic reinstatement of our normal fundraising and other community related activities, and the exploration of new projects, both locally and internationally.

It is certainly going to be a challenging year, but I strongly believe the resilience of our members will prevail.

Jon Blegen
President, Rio Vista Rotary Club


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