Joining Our Club

Rotarians are business and professional leaders who take an active role in their communities while greatly enriching their personal and professional lives. A Rotary club contains a diverse group of professional leaders from the community that the club serves.

Rotarians are members of Rotary clubs. Rotary clubs belong to Rotary International. To become a Rotarian, you must be invited to join a Rotary club by a member of that club.

A qualified candidate for Rotary club membership is an adult of good character and good business, professional, or community reputation. The candidate fits the following criteria:

  • Works or lives within Rio Vista or within a city/unincorporated area near Rio Vista and will be able to attend meetings.
  • Holds or is retired from an executive position with discretionary authority in any worthy and recognized business or profession and/or community volunteer work.
  • Is willing to spend time on one or more of our service projects or donate other resources for them.

Additional Information

  • If you have more questions about why you should join Rotary you should be able to find answers here.
  • The costs involved.
Membership in the Rio Vista Rotary Club is by invitation. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Edwin Kingen, Membership Chair, via