Our 2018 Tequila Y Más Fundraiser Event

[From material provided by Rio Vista Rotarian Hector De La Rosa.]

Tequila Brands

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In 2013, an idea was proposed by a Rio Vista Rotarian who wanted to share his joy of a legendary spirit – Tequila. The concept was to introduce and educate people on the differences between the multiple varieties of the refined spirit that has long been negatively associated with hangovers. Hint: Drink lots of water during the tasting.

The goal was to have a fundraiser showcasing Tequila but at the same time to raise funds to provide scholarships for graduating Rio Vista High School Students. All proceeds from the event are 100% dedicated to Rio Vista Rotary Scholarships. The “Tequila Y Mas” event continues to grow in attendance since its inception thanks to the Tequila brands’ willingness to share their product and joy of the spirit. Cumulatively, the Club has raised over $15,000 and provided 13 students with scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000 dollars.  

This Year’s Event

The “Tequila Y Más” event is more than a night of sipping a fascinating tipple, it is a learning experience; a night of expanding one’s knowledge and palate of a product that is growing in popularity, interest and market share in the spirits industry worldwide, whilst contributing to a great cause.

While at the event you can expect to experience the history of Tequila manufacturing and the unique aromas, tastes, and finish of each brand. Like other fine spirits, Tequila’s flavors come from the harvesting of select Blue Agave plants at their prime, capturing the sweetness and earthiness of the Central Mexico highlands and lowlands region in which the agave is grown. With each sip of the different profiles one can taste distinct flavors of citrus, fruit, spices, honey, vanilla, butterscotch, pepper and oak. These tastes come from the process used to make Tequila as well as the oak, bourbon and whiskey barrels used to store and age the Tequila.

The vendors will showcase four types of Tequila:

  • Blanco represents the purist form of the Tequila spirit. It is clear and typically un-aged, where the true flavors and the intensity of the Agave are present.
  • Reposado is typically aged in barrels from anywhere between 2 months and less than a year. Reposado Tequilas are also referred to as “rested”.
  • Anejo is aged for one year or longer. The Anejo aging process darkens the Tequila and the flavors can become smoother, richer, and more complex.
  • Extra Anejo is aged for more than 3 years and in some cases longer than 11 years.

Venue and Tickets

This year, the Rotary Tequila Y Más event is scheduled for 6pm – 9:30pm on Saturday July 28th at The Point Restaurant, 120 Marina Drive in Rio Vista, CA 94571.

Tickets are available for $40 per person or $45 at the door. Tickets can be purchased in Rio Vista at “Pets 4 All” (167 Main Street, Rio Vista, CA 94571). You can also purchase tickets online through EVENTBRITE.

For more information view the event flyer, email Rotaryofriovista@gmail.com, visit our Facebook page (4th Annual Tequila Y Más) or leave a message at (707) 374-5042.

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Marta Dron Memorial 18th Annual Golf Tournament

Marta Dron

Marta Dron served as City Clerk of Rio Vista and as our Club President in the the 2006/2007 year. The annual golf tournament in her memory will be held on Friday, May 4, 2018 at the Golf Course at Rio Vista in Trilogy. The tournament is limited to the first 144 paid golfers.

Registration and payment must be received before Friday, April 20, 2018.

Besides the golf contest there will also be:

  • A Continental Breakfast During Registration.
  • A KUIC Radio Station outside broadcast.
  • Shotgun Start.
  • Paul Graham Drilling Memorial Putting Contest.
  • Shari Quilici-Gardiner Ball Drop Contest.
  • Lunch and Gourmet Dinner.
  • Auctions and a Raffle.

Rotarians, themselves, pay for all expenses incurred to run the club. When you play you help us support Youth, Community, National and International programs.

So, don’t delay – Signup today.

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Toys For Tots Campaign 2017


The Rio Vista Rotary Club is partnering with the U.S. Marine Corp “Toys For Tots” campaign at Travis Air Force Base to collect toys for needy children. The Toy drive will kick off on November 1, 2017 and conclude December 14, 2017. We are looking forward to a successful event.

There will be four drop off locations during business hours within the City of Rio Vista:
● Rio Vista Fire Department, 350 Main Street
● Montezuma Fire Protection District, 21 N. 4th Street
● Abel Chevrolet, 280 N. Front Street
● Trilogy’s Sir Flair’s Restaurant.

Toys for all ages must be new and not wrapped. Travis Air Force Base has long been involved in this program, supplying numerous military families and other families in need with Christmas gifts.

Applying to receive toys

Local families may apply for toys for their children but must fill out and follow the application process located on the Toys for Tots website.
or use “Toys for Tots, Travis Air Force Base” in online search engines, such as Google or Bing.

Further Information

● The contact person for this Toy Drive is Rotary Club member Patty Huyssoon, 916-777-5660. Please leave a message and your phone call will be returned. If you need assistance filling out the application, please feel free to call.
● Rotary Club Interact Members within Rio Vista High School are also a good resource in helping to navigate the toy request site.
● Trilogy residents may drop off toys at the above listed locations or contact Trilogy resident Sue Hickey 530-713-4605 to drop off at her residence.

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Club By-laws

Bylaws 1-24-14

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Scrap Book

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Demotion Party for Sir Jim

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Foreign Exchange Students

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Tequila Tasting

July 26, Tequila

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