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The Rio Vista Rotary Club received its charter on February 13, 1953 with 27 Members. Membership in the past decade has generally between 35 and 40 members. Our prime activity is fundraising for local, national and international causes. We also hold social events a few times a year and run a handful of fundraising events on occasions such as the Rio Vista Bass Festival and Derby.

The Club meets at 7am on Fridays at The Point Restaurant,120 Marina Drive, Rio Vista, CA 94571. Breakfast is served from 6:30am onwards. You are welcome to attend our breakfast in order to find out more about Rotary.

We start with a few formalities, hear notices, quick reports from Committee Chairs and the members of the Rio Vista High School Interact Club, then proceed to the week’s Speaker. These are sometimes Club Members, but are usually people from local organizations.

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