Mobile Eye Clinic Activities

Mobile Eye Clinic Activities – 2008-14

After completion of successful Pilot Deployments in Fiscal Year 2008 the Clinic has averaged just over five (5) deployments per year.

In that most resources for a deployment are volunteers from the Medical profession it’s clear that considerable and detailed planning is required for each deployment. The Medical and Support Teams must be recruited and deployment site chosen. Advance publicity for the deployment must be prepared and distributed. Lodging arrangements and feeding plans for the Team must be accomplished and dozens of logistical details identified and resolved. Site specific accommodations must be determined and arranged.

The typical deployment is from five (5) to seven (7) days.

From the beginning of Fiscal Year 2008 through January of Fiscal Year 2014 the Clinic has averaged better than 50 Patients per deployment day.

See “Mobile Eye Clinic Summary Report 2008 – 2014” for the activity statistics for this National Medical Asset.